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File Catalyst

File Catalyst

The FileCatalyst platform provides acceleration, security, reliability and automation. Transfer at full line speed even with high latency and packet loss, problems common to satellite and wireless networks. The UDP-based protocol achieves speeds up to thousands of times faster than FTP, while ensuring the delivery of files with sizes into the terabytes, using robust retry, resume, and verification facilities.

  • UDP with proprietary retransmission and congestion control
  • Patent pending algorithm built from the ground up in-house
  • Transfer rates up to 10 Gbps (with encryption) using commodity hardware
  • Not affected by latency and speed degrades, linearly with packet loss
  • Ability to fully leverage multi-core CPU architecture

FileCatalyst Central is a web application used to monitor an organization’s entire FileCatalyst deployment. View ongoing transfers in real time, dig into transaction histories, and manage or monitor alarms. Administrators may also stop and start transfer tasks on any connected FileCatalyst HotFolder. Like all FileCatalyst solutions, Central integrates seamlessly with all products in the FileCatalyst suite.

Receive Real Time Updates

File transfers are monitored in real time on the overview page and in greater detail on a dedicated transfer overview page. Transactional data includes: source and destination node ID, start time and ETA for each file, transfer speed, and progress of individual file transfers.

Stay Notified With Alarms

Set alarms for file transfer events including successful, failed, or canceled transfers. The web interface enables users to configure optional SNMP and email alerts, disable individual alarms, and clear alarms.

View Transfer Activity Summaries

FileCatalyst Central provides compact views with the most important information regarding connected nodes: current transfers, current alarms and notifications, registered nodes and their status, and general file transfer statistics.

Communicate With Your ERP

FileCatalyst Central provides tools and delivery mechanisms for enterprise resource planning including a realtime view of the entire FileCatalyst deployment, file transfer statistics and data, and a consistent user interface for monitoring and management. Each node is easily installed and registered to Central without integration by an IT department.

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